10 Different types of Indian Bread

difference type of Indian bread

There are a plenty number of Indian Bread. In this article, you are going to read about the different types of Indian Bread.  The variety in the Indian Bread reflects the geography, diversity, and culture of India. Since India is quite famous for its delicious traditional food, we thought to write a particular topic on Indian Bread. Well, let me first tell you that Indian Bread is the main integral part of our Indian Cuisine. It is one of the simplest and easiest dishes to make. It doesn’t require that much efforts.

In the parts of northern India, firstly a dough is get prepared using the nitty-gritty ingredients. After preparing the dough, it is kept aside for a few minutes. After that, a small portion of dough is taken and then flatten it using something and finally that it is put on the griddle. But not all the Indian Bread are prepared with the same method. It was the method to make the simplest Indian Bread that is also known as roti in simple language. Now we will plenty of varieties in Indian Bread and will read something more.

Here we are providing you a short and sweet list of Different types of Indian Bread –

1. Chapati/Phulka/Roti –

phulka rotiWell, few of the people know that there is the difference between all the three terms. But most of the people don’t know the basic difference between them. You may be one among them.

As we known, every Indian cultural food is incomplete without the “Chapati/Phulka”. This is why we can consider it the staple diet of every state food. It is easily made by preparing a dough with the help of water, oil, wheat flour and salt. Also, it is considered one of the essential diets. Chapati/Phulka can be eaten either with dry vegetable or gravy vegetable.

And the difference is Chapati is quite large in size and if it is small in its size then it is not a chapati it is a fluke. And Chapati/Phulka are made on the griddle while the Rotis are made in the hollow clay pots also known as tandoors. Rotis are also known as “Tandoori Roti” and reflects the culture of Punjab.

It was all the difference between Chapati/Phulka/Roti.

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2. Missi Roti –

missi rotiMiss Roti is known as the specialty of Rajasthan. The same nitty-gritty ingredients of chapatti are being used to make Missi Roti. But there is a small difference that in miss roti, various types of ingredients and spices are also being used like red chili powder, turmeric powder, and cumin seeds.

A dollop of pure ghee on Missi roti just enhances the taste of miss roti completely and make it more delicious.

3. Thepla –

It is quite a famous dish of Gujrat. Gujju people and Jain people of Gujrat are fond of Thepla. It is quite similar to the parantha. In Thepla fenugreek leaves (methi) is also used along with the other powdered spices. Thepla is being served with any vegetable or pickle. You can consider of having Thepla on the place of chapatti. You can check the recipe for Thepla by visiting our Recipe of Thepla.

4. Naan –

butter naanEverybody demands it everytime they visit any restaurant or wedding. Also, you can call it as the occasional dish, occasion seems incomplete with naan & shahi paneer. Combination of naan with shahi paneer or kadhai paneer is truly magical delicious.

Its dough is quite different from all the previous Indian Bread. As it’s dough is prepared by combining the milk, water, beer of butter, yogurt, yeast, wheat flour (Maida). It even tastes more delicious when it is served hot.

5. Laccha –

lachha parathaAnother specialty of Punjab is Laccha Paratha. It has an alternative name too that is “Paratwala Paratha”. Since in Punjab part means layers. It is known as Paratwala paratha because it contains layers on it which can be visible easily. The dough of Laccha paratha is similar to that of the dough of chapatti/phulka/roti. There are two small changes in Laccha paratha as compared to chapatti/phulka/roti while making Laccha paratha oil is being dabbed with oil but in chapatti/phulka/roti oil is being applied to roti when it is completely prepared. And the second change you can see there are no layers on the chapatti/phulka/roti but on the Laccha paratha, you can see layers on it.

6. Bhatura –

bhatureAgain it is one of the special dishes of Punjab. Bhature are larger in size while puris are smaller in size. The size of puri and Bhatura matters. Basically, it is being served with the vegetable of chickpeas (Chole). So the combination of vegetable of chickpeas and Bhature (Indian Bread) is known as Chole Bhature.

The dough of Bhature is made using ingredients including water, oil, salt, curd, refined flour.

7. Bhakri –

bhakriIt is an Indian thick flatbread prepared using flours of different types of grains including, Sorghum (Jowar), Rice, Pearl Millet (Bajra), Finger Millet (Ragi). It is quite thick and coarse if compared to the chapatti and roti. It is also served with the pickles, chutneys, and gravies. It is quite famous in the parts of India like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Gujrat. Bhakri is one of my favorite breakfast. daily when I come from walking after that I eat one Bhakri in Breakfast with tea.

8. Paranthas –

ParanthasIt is one of the most favorite Indian Bread. It is personally my own favorite Indian Bread. The dough for paranthas is made similar to that of the dough of chapatti and roti. Paranthas can be served wither with curd, dry or gravy vegetable, chutney or any pickle. People most consider this dish as a dish for breakfast. But since it is quite similar to chapatti so that it can be made anytime. There are furthermore varieties you can get in paranthas like potato parantha, cheese parantha, reddish parantha, cauliflower parantha, onion parantha etc.

9. Dosa –

dosaIt is an integral part of South Indian Cuisine. Dosa is made from gram flour and fermented rice. To make dosa firstly a batter is being prepared and kept aside for a night and when the batter is finally ready then it is used further to make dosa of it. Dosa can be served with hot sambhar, any other vegetable or chutney of coconut.

10. Appam –

appamIt is quite similar to dosa with little exception that the batter of dosa is kept for a whole night for its fermentation while the batter of appam is kept for a shorter period of time. Appam is kept thinner from the edges while thicker from the center. Mostly Appam is eaten most frequently for breakfast or dinner. Appam is one of the famous dishes of South India and Sri Lanka.

So basically, these are the different types of Indian Bread. And don’t forget to share this article with your near and dear ones. And if you find any query you can directly approach us or write to us in the comments section. Your views and comments mean a lot to us and if we need any kind of improvements don’t forget to let us know through the comments.

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