Different types of Bhajiya

Different types of Bhajiya

India is quite famous for a variety of dishes. So, today we have brought an article on “Types of Bhajiya”. Almost everyone seems fond of eating Bhajiya with tea. Many people prefer eating it with tea or while some other prefer eating it with some else beverages. Specially Bhajiya is more popular in Gujarat. It is one of the famous Gujarati Breakfast. In this article, we will read about the varieties in Bhajiya.

If you are hungry and want to eat something quickly then pakora is one of the best options. Almost all of us can make fritters of vegetables like onion Bhajiya, spinach Bhajiya, potato Bhajiya, cabbage Bhajiya etc. Bhajiya(fritter) is a very delicious recipe that can be instantly made, which often becomes very frequent when any guests come in, the special flavor of the hot potato comes when the outside water is rim flowing.

Different types of Bhajiya

Before going to start, let me tell you that there are many varieties you may get in Bhajiya. Let’s read about them by one by one.

1. Potato Bhajiya (Aaloo pakora):

potato bhajiya

It is very easy to make. It neither requires that much time nor that much effort, which is why it is also one of the frequently served snacks. Anytime when guests surprisingly visit your home and you want to serve them something, then potato Bhajiya could be one of the best options to serve them.

2. Onion Bhajiya (Piyaaz pakora):

onion bhajiya

It is the another easiest snack to make. Also, it is usually made in every Indian house and considered to be everyone’s favorite. It is popular street food,  and also you can serve your guests instant. Most of the people demand the onion Bhajiya during the rainy days or in monsoon season. Eating Bhajiya during the rainy season with a cup of hot tea enhances the taste in itself. Onion Pakoras are being enjoyed mostly in the rainy season but you can make it at home anytime and enjoy it with tea. Onion Bhajiya is very easy to make and the ingredients used in it will be easily available in your home.

3. Paneer Bhajiya (Paneer pakora): 

paneer bhajiya

Another famous snack is paneer pakoras. It is also quite popular all over India. It is easy to make and it does not take much time to make them.

If you get delicious pakoras in this season of rain, then what else you want?

Making paneer Bhajiya in the home is also very easy. It takes less time to make paneer pakoras. You can serve hot paneer Bhajiya with sauce, coffee, tea or with anything else and enjoy its taste.

4. Pumpkin Bhajiya (Kadu pakora):

Pumpkin Bhajiya


You must be shocked on reading Pumpkin Bhajiya because only a few people know about this snack.

In the days of Navratri, pumpkin pakoras are made quite well. Pumpkin and potatoes are mixed in the roasted flour and fry golden brown. You can eat pumpkin pakoras with green chutney.

5. Cannabis Bhajiya (Bhaane pakora):

Cannabis Bhajiya

On the occasion of Holi festival, there is an old ritual of making cannabis pakora. Without the cannabis and its pakoras, this festival seems incomplete. Making them at home is absolutely easy. The maximum you will take 30 minutes to make cannabis dumplings. So this time at the festival doesn’t forget to try this snack.

6. Cucumber Bhajiya (Kheere pakora):

Cucumber Bhajiya

During Navratri, there is a little choice for eating at that time, it is a great option for that time. By mixing cucumbers in Singhala flour, you can prepare crispy dumplings. This is the most famous dish for Navaratri season. If you want to make it during any season, you can easily make.

7. Bread Bhajiya (Bread pakora):

Bread BhajiyaBread is a king of pakora snacks, which can be easily made at home. Either there is a rainy season or the evening of winter, eating bread pakoras with a hot cup of tea or coffee, gives a delicious taste. It is a snack that can be kept in tiffin if the children are going on a picnic except for serving them. It can be made only in 30 minutes. Also, it is easy to make and ingredients are easily available to us.

8. Crispy besan fried Bhajiya :

Crispy besan fried Bhajiya

You will find these snacks on the side of the road. Many people serve this with sauce. Well, most of the times it is considered eating at home rather than to eat it out. Crispy besan fried Bhajiya can be eaten either with red sauce or green sauce.

It is a very famous Indian salted recipe which is eaten with lots of interest in the winter and rainy season in northern India. This is a very easy and quick recipe so you can always make it eat with your breakfast or afternoon tea.

This is a vegetarian recipe made with onion, potato, and gram flour and mixed with salt and ground red chilies to enhance its taste. Due to its flavor, Crispy Besan dumpling is known as Popular Snacks of India. That is why people often ask us how to make onion pakoras, how to make fritters (pakoras), these Hindi, gram flour.

9. Palak Bhajiya (Palak pakora):

Palak Bhajiya

There are many types of Bhajiya cauliflower pakoras, potato pakoras but the taste of Palak Pakora is different, furthermore, there is a variety in palak fritter. Similarly like the other pakoras, palak pakoras can also be easily made at home. Mostly, palak pakoras are being eaten in the winter season, because the spinach is not available in the market during other seasons.

10. Gobhi Bhajiya (Gobhi pakora):

Gobhi Bhajiya

Often the times, the crispy leaf cabbage pakoras are being liked to eat in the restaurant, but if it is made at home, then it is just another matter. The special thing of crispy cauliflower pakora is that the fragrance that arises when it is made is very pleasant and after seeing it, the hunger also increases even more.

If the guests come suddenly at home, you can cook crispy cabbage fritters as snacks and serve it to them with hot tea or coffee and make them happy. So whenever you want to eat something special then do not forget to try crispy cauliflower fritters.

I hope you like Bhajiya and make at your home. If you are love cooking then visit our website – www.gujaratirecipe.in.

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