Most Popular Gujarati Food and Dishes

popular gujarati food

Gujarat’s many Gujarati food and dishes are famous in the whole world. Today I will tell you about many such testy and famous dishes. The name of the dish of Gujarat is very heavy, but all the dishes are tasty. Most of the people are vegetarian, so will you know about Gujarat’s popular vegetarian dishes. Indian Current Prime Minister also like Gujarati food. He also arranges Gujarati Food for his a special overseas guest Shinzo Abe or Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

Gujarati Food and Dishes:

1. Dhokla

dhokla gujarati foodDhokla is a popular food all over India and also out of India. In 3 Idiots movie, Kareena Kapoor also say one dialogue about Dhokla – “Tum Gujarati log ka khaana Itna khatarnaak kyu Hota hai? dhokla, fafda, handva, thepla. Jaise missiles hai?

Basically, Dhokla is very soft and tasty. Specially Surat’s Khaman Dhokla is very soft and very tasty. If you Like Dhokla and don’t know how to make Dhokla than click – Famous Dish Dhokla Recipe.

2. Methi Na Thepla

thepla gujarati food

One more popular Gujarati food is Thepla. basically, Thepla is made from methi, chilly, herbs, and dash of sugar. Sagar is said one dialogue about Thepla in love ni bhavai movie- “Mari Mummy Na Hath Na Thepla World Famous Che”. Check – Gujrati Dish Thepla Recipe.

3. Fafda and Jalebi

fafda jalebi gujarati food

In breakfast every Gujarati like Fafda and jalebi. Especially in Ahmedabad and Saurashtra’s people like Fafda and jalebi. In Saurashtra many types of Gathiya like Vanela Gathiya, Thikha Gathiya, Fafda Gathiya. Jethalal is also like Jalebi and Fafda, he is talking about jalebi and fafda in every show.

4. Undhiyu

undhiyu gujarati food

Undhiyu is King of Gujarati Dishes. Every Gujarati people like Undhiyu. Undhiyu is a winter season dish and special Uttarayan. Many stalls in Uttarayan of Undhiya seem to be selling, and on the same day, more than 10 crores of rupees Undhiyu are sold. I hope you like Undhiyu and you want to make Undhiyu at your home. Click – Undhiyu Recipe Step by Step.

5. Rotlo

rotlo gujarati food

Bajri No Rotlo is also popular in Saurashtra. In Saurashtra, every village’s home makes Rotlo at the night dinner. In Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma Jethalal is also like “Bajra no Rotlo and Sev-Tameta Nu Sak”.

6. Siro

Siro is also popular sweet of Gujrat. All most every Gujarati Like Siro and Siro available in stating of any work like Katha, Sapta and many other. Many types of Siro available in Gujarat.

Gujarati foods Name is a very heavy word but in very tasty food of all in India. I also love Gujarati food and dishes and I also make Gujarati dishes. In my blog, I will share the ultimate tricks and tips of Gujarati recipe.

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