Most Popular Kathiyawadi Dishes

kathiyawadi dishes

Kathiyawadi Dishes is Mostly Spicy and with more sugar. Kathiyawad is a Western side of Gujarat and it is also known as Saurashtra. In Kathiyawad most of the peoples are vegetarian. I will give you some tasty and popular Kathiyawadi dish name, which is famous all over the world.

Popular and Tasty Kathiyawadi Dishes –

Mostly all Gujarati dishes are tasty but some Kathiyawadi dishes is tastier and I love Kathiyawadi dishes like Bajari No Rotlo, Ghee Gol, Makai no Rotlo, Churma Na Ladu and many other.

Kathiyawadi Bread:

kathiyawadi bread

  • Bajara No Rotlo

Bajara No Rotlo is one of the best Bread from Gujarati and Kathiyawadi Dishes. All the people in Kathiyawad have eaten Bajara No Rotlo. Millet flour usually grilled over coals.

  • Bhakri

Bhakri is one Morning Breakfast Bread. Bhakri made with wheat flour which is thicker than Rotli.

  • Thepla

Thepla is one of my favorite dishes. Thepla made from a mixture of flours with some masala and contains shredded vegetables. You can eat Thepla with tea or Yogurt (Dahi).

  • Parotha

Parotha is also one of the popular dishes in Kathiyawad. In Kathiyawad two type Parotha is mostly eaten. One is fry in oil and second is fry in Ghee. Most people eat Parotha with Sev-Tameta Sak and tea.

  • Phulka Roti

Phulka Roti is also known as Chapati. Chapati is one Kathiwadi Bread but now we can eat any Restaurant.

Kathiyawadi Vegetable (Shaak/Sabji):

Kathiyawad has consumed more than hundred vegetable (Shaak/Sabji), but today I will give only those name which is popular and very tasty. Normally in Kathiyawad, all vegetable (Shaak/Sabji) is spicy because of Kathiyawadi people like a spicy taste.

kathiyawadi sabji

  • Undhiyu

Undhiyu is a very tasty dish of Gujarat. Undhiyu made from mix green vegetables. This is dish is more popular in south Gujarat. But in winter season Kathiyawadi people make and eat this dish. Especially Kathiyawadi Undhiyu is very spicy.

  • Ghuto

A Mixed many green vegetables and cuisine Ghuto. Ghuto is a very tasty and famous dish of Kathiyawad. This dish only on Kathiyawad, you not found in another side of Gujarat. Especially Badanpar and Rampar Ghuto is praised in the whole of Gujarat.

  • Chole

Normally Panjabi Chole is more famous and popular, but Kathiyawadi Chole is also tasty and healthy. Kathiyawadi chole is black-eyed peas curry.

  • Gathiya Nu Shaak

Gahiya Nu Shaak is totally Jain Shaak. All Jain people like Gathiya Nu Sak.

  • Shukibhazi

Shukibazi is one type of Potato Sabzi. In Faral all Kathiyawadi people like this dish.

  • Other Popular Vegetable

Batata Nu Shaak, Bhindi Nu Shaak, Dal Nu Shaak, Kobi Nu Shaak, Karela Nu Shaak (very healthy but Bitter, so I don’t like this), Tameta Nu Shaak and also a combination of any two vegetables.

Side Dishes (Farsan):

kathiyawadi farsan

  • Bhajiya

Bhajiya is a very tasty and healthy dish of Kathiyawad. Especially in winter and Monsoon season every people like Bhajiya.

  • Kachori

Kachori is made from flour and filled with a stuffing of yellow moong dal, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and ginger. Jain Vijay’s Kachori is World famous. Jain Vijay is in Jamnagar.


  • Ghughra

Ghughra is my favorite side dish (Farsan). Ghughra is very tasty and healthy. You can eat Ghaghra is also for breakfast or evening snacks

Rice Item:

kathiyawadi rice

  • Khichdi

Khichdi is a mix of rice and dal. Khichdi is a very healthy dish, because in khichdi not any masala or oil and other non-healthy.

  • Vagharela Bhat

Vagharela Bhat is most popular in west Saurashtra. Vagharela Bhat is like Veg BIrayani but some taste different.

  • Rasavala Bhat

Rasavala Bhat is my favorite Dish of Bhat. Theba (Village Name of Saurashtra) is praised for Rasavala Bhat.

Kathiyawadi Dessert – Sweets – Mithai

Kathiyawad Many Desserts are famous and tasty. Normally Kathiyawadi people are like Dessert (Sweet). Without any festival or function, they are also eating Dessert. I will give some popular Dessert which is tastier in Kathiyawad.

kathiyawadi sweets

  • Adadiya
  • Soan Papdi
  • Ghughra
  • Ladu
  • Jalebi
  • Kaju Katli
  • Gulab Jambu
  • Lapsi
  • Halwo

I am trying to cover all popular and healthy dishes of Kathiyawad, but I know many dishes are missing from this list which more popular and famous. I will cover more dishes in the next article and also give this all dishes recipe for you.

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