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Gulab Jamun recipe with Milk Powder ready by Gujarati Recipe. Water comes in the mouth after listening to Gulab Jamun’s name. Today we will teach you to make Gulab Jamun Sweet. Gulab Jamun is India’s famous dish. It is very easy to prepare Gulab jamun, it is made with some ingredients.

Gulab Jamun is sweet and soft in taste; Brown (Brown, red) color remains visible in the Jamun. India has different suites in festivals such as Janmashtami, Dussehra, Diwali, but without the Gulab Jamun, the menu is incomplete.

Everybody likes the Gulab jamun from babies to old men. Gulab Jamun will be available to any sweetheart in India, the taste of everyone will be slightly different but you will love Rajasthani Gulab Jamun. Rajasthan remains at the forefront of making sweets. Gulab Jamun gets more and more and is eaten.

See our rituals to make Gulab Jamun Indian recipes in less time and easier.

Gulab Jamun Recipe with Milk Powder –

Ingredients for Gulab Jamun

  • Milk – 120 milliliters
  • Milk Powder – 150 grams
  • Ghee – 60 grams
  • Sugar – 3 cups
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Saffron – a pinch
  • Rose water – 1/2 spoon
  • Cardamom powder – 1/4 spoon
  • Mawa cold
  • Flour – 4 spoons
  • Banking powder -3/4 spoon

How to make Mawa

Eat half a cup of milk in a pan, put 1/4 ghee, and 1/2 cup milk powder, keep the gas slower and keep stirring it, it has to move for 5 minutes. And your Mawa will be ready and after that, you put it in a bowl.

How to make Sugar syrup (Chashni)

Take 3 cups sugar in a vessel and keep it low on the gas. Add one cup of water to the sugar so that the sugar gets piggy, remember that if the syrup is more than the Gulab jamun will be well browned. Now stir the syrup and see, if the color does not come, then add 2 spoons of milk to it so that the syrup looks good and enjoys eating. Boiling the boiling water, turn out the garbage spoon and turn it out.

After the syrup is ready, you add a little saffron and rose water to it. Rose water is necessary for Gulab Jamun. And saffron will get a good taste. In the same way, your syrup will be ready.

How to make Gulab jamun (Gulab Jamun Recipe)

After the preparation of Mawa and syrup, add 4 spoons of Maida(flour), Cardamom powder and baking powder in Mawa Bowl and stir it with good hands, to soften slightly, you add a little rose water to it.

Add 3 spoons of water to the mixture, soften it. After that, after 3-4 minutes, see her face properly, then the dough will be ready and then put it on a plate.

Make a small portion of 20 grams in Jamun’s flour, you will find around 18 Gulab Jamun. Taking her portion of the dough into the palm, she will rotate her lightly, thus your round berries will be ready. Make everyone in this way.

Can You Know How to Make Mendu Vada?

Heat ghee in a pan and add Jamun shells to it. By the time the Jamun does not black, it will take 10-12 minutes to fry the gum in the ghee.

After frying Jamun, immediately sink it in sugar syrup so that syrup can go inside the Jamun and Jamun is full. (After the Jamun is cold, it cannot be cooked) Damp Jamun with a spoon so that it can be cooked, the Jamun will be drowned after drinking sugar syrup.

Your Gulab jamun got ready but you will get a good taste after eating it after 2 hours. Enjoy the Gulab jamun with your family.

Gulab Jamun Recipe Step by Step :

  1. Add half cup milk, 1/4 ghee, and 1/2 cup milk powder and make the Mawa well.
make the Mawa

2. Mix sugar and water and make Sugar syrup (Chashni). Milk on the need.

Mix sugar and water
Mix sugar and water in Mawa

3. After making Sugar syrup(Chashni), add saffron and rose water.

saffron and rose water
Add saffron and rose water

4. Mix 4 spoons of Flour(Menda), cardamom powder, and baking powder in Mawa and mix well.

baking powder in Mawa
Mix baking powder in Mawa

5. Make a small portion of 20 gram of Gulab Jamun dough.

Gulab Jamun dough
Make Gulab Jamun dough

6. Round the part of 20 grams with the help of palm.

round gulab jamun
Round Gulab Jamun

7. Put the Gulab Jamun in the pan and put it in the frying pan.

fry gulab jamun
fry gulab jamun

8. Gulab Jamun does not get brown color until it is fried.

brown color until gulab jamun
brown color until gulab jamun

9. Put fried Jamun immediately in Sugar syrup (Chashni).

Put Gulab Jamun in Sugar syrup
Put Gulab Jamun in Sugar syrup

10. After 20 minutes your Gulab Jamun will be ready.

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