Popular and Healthy Gujarati Snacks

healthy gujarati snacks

Gujarati Snacks are the most popular, tasty and Healthy snacks whole world. In Gujarat many types of Snacks and food available. Most of Gujarati like Sweets and Spicy Snacks. Every Gujarati Snacks are very tasty, yummy and Healthy. Today I will recommend some best and healthy Gujarati Snacks. Whenever you come to Gujarat that time you see this all Gujarati snacks and food every street and every hotel.

Healthy Gujarati Snacks –

Let me tell you one good thing about Gujarati Snacks, this food prepares fresh every day. All Snacks mostly making live like in front of you. In Gujarat, you see every type of snacks like south Indian snacks, Pizza, burger, Chinese, Italian snacks and others. But today I will talk about only these snacks which are specially made in Gujarat and totally Gujarati Snacks like Dhokla, Fafda-Jalebi, Dal-Pakvan, Ghughra and many others.

1. Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla is very popular and tasty Snacks. You can prepare khaman dhokla within half hour. I personally like Surat Khaman Dhokla.

2. Dabeli


Dabeli is a like burger but not in a test like a burger. Dabeli is tastier than the burger. You can see any street of Gujarat’s City Dabeli. Dabeli is most testy Snacks. You can eat also as breakfast and evening.

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3. Bhajiya


Bhajiya is very tasty snacks. In Gujarat many types of Bhajiya available like Vada, FulVada, Methi Na Bhajiya, and others. Especially in winter season every person love Bhajiya. Read Here Different types of Bhajiya.

4. Khandvi


Khandvi is also known as Patuli, Dahivadi, Suralichi Vadi. Khandvi is popular snacks of Gujarati cuisine.

5. Bhaji Cone

bhaji cone

Especially Maharaja’s Bhaji cone is very popular in Saurashtra. Bhaji cone is very tasty and the price is very cheap Just 15 Rupee you eat Bhaji Cone.

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6. Ragda Pattice

ragda patties

Ragda Pattice is a part of street food in Gujarat or Maharashtra. Ragda Pattice is Like Chhole Tikki which is more famous in North India.

7.Katka Bread

katka bread

Katka Bread is not famous in our all Gujarat but it is a very tasty dish. This snacks are available only in Saurashtra.

8. Bhel Puri

bhel puri

Bhel Puri is like Chat but not exactly chat. Bhel Puri is also part of Street food in Gujarati Snacks. Mostly girls are more like Bhel Puri.

9. Samosa


Samosa also is known as Street food and Hotel Food. Because in Gujarat you can see everywhere Samosa. Somasa is very tasty Gujarati Snacks.

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In this post, I am not cover all Gujarati Snacks because in Gujarat more than hundred verity Snacks are available. I just give only nine popular and Healthy Gujarati Snacks which is more popular snacks in Gujarat and our all India.

I recommended to all of you whenever you travel in Gujarat that time you must be a test all these Gujarati Snacks at least one time. All these Gujarati Snacks are very healthy and the most important thing is this all snacks is fresh.

Thank you So Much for reading. If you have any query or Suggestion about the post then comment below. I will try to solve your query and try to implement your suggestion.

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    Gujarati Snacks are most popular, tasty and Healthy snacks whole world. In Gujarat many types of Snacks and food available. Most of Gujarati like Sweets and Spicy Snacks. Every Gujarati Snacks are very tasty, yummy and Healthy

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