Top Indian Street Food Dishes

top indian street food

There are many varieties in Indian Street food Dishes. Well, it feels proud to know that there are some foreigners who keep visiting our Bharat only because of the delicious food. India is quite famous because it offers varieties of dishes. You can never imagine how many dishes our India has.

Every state has its own culture and some famous dishes. In today’s time every time we hear any state name then the famous dish of that state starts revolving in our mind. From this sentence, we can get to know that how we relate food to our every little discussion.

Have you ever gone outside just to have the taste of street food? Well, you must have gone. Because from my perspective view there would be no one who had never gone outside to eat street food. “Food” the word itself is enough to bring water in the mouths and if we write “Indian Street Food” then you can resist yourself from remembering your time.

If you are one of the persons who feel shy to eat “Golgappe” on the street chat corner then you need to stop thinking about the peeps and must try it at least once in your life. Because we all know life rarely gives second chance. So every time you get a chance to eat street food, don’t deny to have it.

In this article, we are going to show you the list of “TOP INDIAN STREET FOOD”. Also, the foody people are requested to put some control over their tongue. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your near and dear and especially with the foody ones.

1. Samosa – Indian Street Food

samosa street foodOne of the cheapest street food it is. You can get Samosa easily because every street is incomplete if it doesn’t offer Samosa. Everytime relatives arrive the only dish which is being served as the foremost dish is Samosa. Samosa is my favorite Street Food and especially Gujarati Samosa is more tasty and spicy. Samosa is one of the most popular Gujarati Food. I hope all of you like Samosa with different types of Chattani and souse. Many types Samosa available in Indian Street Like Maggi Samosa, Punjabi Samosa, Chinese Samosa, and many others.

2. Chole Bhature – Indian Street Food

chole bhature street foodChole Bhature is one of the most desired street foods. It is originated from the streets of Punjab. Well to have the taste of this delicious street food you need to have an empty stomach. A plate of hot Chole Bhature will be enough for you. Every Panjabi boys and girls like Chole Bhature. Chole Bhature is very tasty and healthy street food. Yuvraj Singh also loves Chole Bhature. I especially like Kanha Sweet (Amritsar, Punjab) Chole Bhature. You also make Chole Bhature at your home. Read Here Full Recipe of Chole Bhature.

3. Aloo Tikki – Indian Street Food

aloo tikki street foodAloo Tikki with having pomegranate seeds, curd, and green chutney is a perfect street food. Well if Aloo Tikki is little crunchy and crispy then it enhances the taste of itself. A crispy and crunchy. Aloo Tikki is one of North Indian Snacks but popular all over India, Reason is very simple Aloo Tikki is very tasty. Aloo Tikki is one of the top Indian street foods.

4. Pav Bhaji – Indian Steet Food

pav bhaji street foodAgain it is being loved by each and every citizen of India. Well, it is actually originated from the streets of Maharashtra but now it is available in almost every street of India. It is one of the top Indian street foods. In this dish, Pav or eggless dinner rolls are being served with the spicy mixture of mashed vegetables. A dollop of butter in the spicy mixture and pav just enhance the taste to such a great extent that everytime the name of Pav bhaji itself is enough to make mouth start watering. you also make tasty Pav Bhaji at your home – Recipe of Pav Bhaji.

5. Momos – Indian Street Food

momos street foodThere was a time when only the people of Delhi used to recognize this dish. But now it seems getting desired by every citizen and the result is almost each and every street has started offering this dish. It is originated from the streets of Tibet. You can get a variety of momos like veg momos and non-veg momos. In veg momos also you need to choose whether you want to eat fried momos or stream similarly in the non-veg Chutney of momos seems to be quite famous because of its spicy taste. It is another one of the top Indian street also make tasty Momos at your home – Momos Recipe.

6. Pani Puri – Indian Street Food

pani puri street foodNothing can be famous than the dish. It is not only one of the famous dishes but also it is considered as one of the most favorite top Indian street foods.
Most of the bets are being carried on Pani Puri like there is a game to eat Golgappe fast, also there is another game in which the person who will eat the maximum number of Golgappe will be declared as the winner. There are 2 types of pain puri you get to eat “Aate-Wale-Golgappe” and the second one which is my personal favorite too “Sooji-Wale-Golgappe”. Many vendors are there who offer different types of water, as some people like to have sweet water whereas some people demand spicy and some for sour water. In some cities it is known as Golgappe, in some cities, it is well known with the name Pani Puri and people of Kolkata call it Puchka and some people call it with its English name “Water Balls”.

In this dish, small puri is being filled with a mixture of boiled potato, chickpeas, and After getting filled with the mixture they are being dipped into special water of Pani-puri and finally being served. Eating Golgappe standing on the street just simply enhance the taste of it. So you must try at least once and go for it.

7. Jalebi Fafda – Indian Steet Food

jalebi fafda street foodIt comes straight from the streets of Gujrat. Gujrat is also quite famous for its dishes like Dhokla, Jalebi Fafda, Thepla. Gujarati cuisine is magical true love. In this dish, sweet Jalebis are being served with the Namkeen It is one of their traditional dishes. Every Gujarati people like Jalebi Fafda. In Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma Jethalal also love Jalebi Fafda. He eats on Daily Sunday Jalebi Fafda.

8. Litti Chokha – Indian Street Food

It comes straight forward from the streets of Patna. Well, this is the dish in which Litti Chokha made up of Sattu is being served with the curd, Baingan Bhartha, and Aloo. Litti Chokha is not popular in the whole of India but in Bihar, Litti Chokha is the most popular street food. If you like Litti Chokha and don’t know how to make Litti Chokha than Comment below. I will write the full recipe of Litti Chokha Step by Step.

9. Dahi Bhalle – Indian Street Food

dahi bhall street foodIt is also one of the top Indian street foods. In this dish, small tiny Bhale made up of some kind of dal are being dipped in the curd. And then it is garnished with some stuff like dry fruits and spicy red chutney. Its taste is really delicious. Some people don’t like Bhalle but they like Dahi Bhalle because Dahi is change full test of Bhalle. Dahi Bhalle is tastier than regular Bhalle.

10. Bharve Golgappe (Dahi Puri) – Indian Steet Food

dahi puri street foodIt is a little bit the same as the Dahi Bhalle. There is one exception that in Dahi Bhalle it contains small tiny balls made up of dal but in Dahi Puri, it contains small Golgappe. Similarly, it is also garnished with dry fruits and spicy red and green chutney. It is one of the last but not the least top Indian street foods. Dahi Puri is also known as Bharve Golgappe. Bharve Golgappe is tastier than regular Golgappe.

Here I try my best to collect top Indian Street Food Dishes. If you Know any other Street Food Dishes than comment below. I will Definitely read your comment and Update on this Post.

Thanks for Reading. If you Like Our article than Share with your friends and family. You can Comment and suggest me which type of recipe I write for you?

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